Best Youth Football Helmets 2019 – An Important Protective Gear

Best Youth Football Helmets

One of the most vital parts designed to offer protection to a football player is the football helmet. It is a necessary protective gear considering the fact that brain injuries and other forms of damage might affect players while on the field. It is even more important to pick the best youth football helmet you can find.

The best and the safest youth football helmets 2019 is guaranteed to be high in quality. It has excellent materials and a highly durable construction. If you are looking for one but are still deciding what makes a good football helmet, then these short reviews that are full of relevant information can definitely guide you.

Best Youth Football Helmet Reviews2019

1. Schutt Sports FB Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

One of the youth football helmets from Schutt that you have to consider checking out is the FB Vengeance A3. It is specifically designed for youth football players. I am so glad that this youth football helmet boasts of a sleek shell with a low profile. Such shell is also more lightweight when you compare it to the original shell of this specific helmet model.

The lightness of this youth football helmet is actually a bit advantage for young players who do not want their helmets to weigh them down while they are playing on the football field. I am also happy that this helmet is high-performance while being offered at a good price point.

The interiors of the helmet boast of non-inflatable comfort liners. You can also see the inter-link jaw pads attached to the helmet mechanically. It is equipped with a rear bumper, nose bumper, and black twist bumper. It also boasts of its 1-inch interlink jaw pads in black color that let them stay in place.

It is a well-constructed helmet, which provides plenty of protection. It also combines single and double-layered TPU.

The problem with this youth football helmet, though, is that it does not come with the facemask. You will have to buy it separately.
  • Equipped with a sleek and low-profile shell
  • Lightweight, thereby ensuring that your movements will never be affected by it
  • High-performance while still being offered at a reasonable price
  • Offers plenty of protection
  • Features comfort liners
  • The facemask needs to be purchased separately.

2. Riddell Speed Youth Football Helmet

You can also take advantage of the Riddell Speed if you wish to invest in the right helmet that is currently on the market. It is ideal for a child or youth’s next game. One of the most remarkable benefits of the helmet is that it can significantly minimize the force linked to side impacts.

I think it is due to its use of the PSIP or the patented side impact protection technology. Another thing I noticed about the football helmet is that it has an improved stability. It also offers a high level of comfort. With the help of this football helmet, you no longer have to think about getting head injuries since you will have some sort of protection.

This football helmet is also equipped with a new occipital airliner, which comes with a fitting element, thereby cradling the occipital lobe of the athletes. You can’t find this in other helmets, making this specific one truly unique and beneficial. It also comes with five inflation locations.

Furthermore, this youth football helmet comes with a moisture-resistant overliner, which provides utmost stability and comfort. Expect this helmet to be capable of providing a more personalized fit, too, because it makes use of its unique inflatable liner system.

It uses a quick-to-release facial mask attachment system, too. It is currently available in three sizes but take note that it tends to run a bit smaller.
  • Works in minimizing the force associated with side impacts
  • Improved stability brought on by the use of patented side impact protection technology
  • Five inflation locations provided
  • Features a moisture-resistant overliner, which is useful in promoting comfort and stability
  • Provides a more personalized fit
  • Tends to run smaller than usual

3. Schutt Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Another youth football helmet that I think deserves a spot in this review is the Schutt AiR Standard V. I found out that this helmet is a good buy as it is constructed from a sturdy plastic material. Such material makes the helmet more effective in terms of resisting the impact that you might feel on the playing field.

The majority of professional coaches and players also recommend this helmet, which gives an assurance that it is indeed an excellent product. I also found out that this helmet is capable of offering a gap in between the helmet and your head, thereby providing additional protection.

Such gap is made possible with the added protection pads that help absorb and deflect impact. This specific youth football helmet also uses an EVA and EPP foam liner system, which significantly boosts its performance. The use of this system also promotes ease when it comes to fitting it on various young players.

I also think that its interiors offer utmost comfort considering the fact that this helmet features a comfort liner inside. Such liner is a big help in increasing its surface coverage. I also like the comfort foam integrated into the interiors as such can boost the comfort level and feel of the football helmet.

However, some users still find the padding used inside the helmet too thin. Despite that, rest assured that it is enough to offer comfort to its users.
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Works in absorbing and deflecting impact, thanks to the built-in protection pads
  • Uses a foam liner system, which guarantees ease in fitting the helmet
  • Comfortable interiors guaranteed
  • Recommended by professional coaches and players
  • Some find the padding in the interiors thin.

4. Schutt Sports FB Recruit Youth Hybrid Helmet

I also encourage youth football players to check the Sports FB Recruit Hybrid Helmet offered by Schutt. I am happy with the effectiveness of this youth football helmet to absorb impact. I realized that it is due to its use of TPU/D30 combination. It also utilizes an inflatable airliner, which you can find at the side and the back.

One advantage of this helmet is that it is truly comfortable, thanks to the built-in crown comfort liner. It is also equipped with 1-inch inter-link jaw pads that are helpful in giving you the protection you deserve and need. Such pads are attached mechanically to the football helmet.

Another remarkable benefit that I am sure you will greatly love in this helmet is its ability to provide excellent fitting features. You will also notice its ability to provide a wide range of DNA face guards that are position-specific. Available in multiple colors, I am glad to say that it lets you pick one, which perfectly fits what you prefer.

You can also see it being offered at various sizes. One more thing that I like about this football helmet is the fact that it makes use of an energy lock technology, which makes it even more resistant when dealing with hard impacts. That is possible while still retaining the relative softness and comfort of the helmet.

One drawback, though, is that the facemask that you have to use along with it is sold separately.
  • Works excellently when it comes to absorbing impact
  • Provides utmost comfort with the help of its comfort liner
  • Comes in several color options
  • Can resist hard impacts even further with the help of its energy lock technology
  • Capable of retaining the comfort and softness of the helmet
    The facemask is sold separately.

5. Rawlings Momentum Plus Football Helmet

Another football helmet mainly designed for youth football players is the Rawlings Momentum Plus. What I am so glad about in this football helmet is that it makes use of the shell design that is similar to the one used by professional football players. Such design is highly durable and sturdy, making it as long-lasting as possible.

One distinctive advantage provided by this youth football helmet is that it is capable of adjusting to a distinctive size properly. It is mainly because it comes with a rear inflation port, which you can use for adjustment purposes. It also provides a hundred percent guarantee that it can fit users securely.

It can improve its fit with the help of the heat exchange technology that it uses as well as its customizable fit liner. It is also equipped with specific components that help it stay unique in comparison to the others. It is constructed out of stainless steel, thereby promoting a high level of durability.

I also find the use of the stainless steel material truly beneficial as aside from being weather-resistant, it can also resist rust. With the ABS material used on the shell, I can say that it can also resist impact. It boasts of its customizable fit, too. It is also designed in such a way that it can let the players stay cool during the game.

The problem is that the price of this football helmet does not include the face mask. You will have to purchase it separately.
  • Uses the durable and sturdy shell design used by professional players
  • Can properly adjust based on a distinctive size
  • Equipped with a customizable fit liner
  • Can help make football players stay cool all throughout the game
  • Can resist impact effectively
  • Does not come with a face mask as it is sold separately

6. Schutt Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Another premium helmet that you should check out is this specific product offered by the trusted and reliable Schutt. It comes with an extremely comfortable interior, which makes it an excellent buy. With the built-in comfort liner, you also have a guarantee that there is an increased surface coverage within the helmet.

I can also guarantee utmost comfort to potential users no matter how long they play football on the field because of the DNA jaw pads that come along with this helmet. Aside from being truly comfortable, I am also impressed with the durability of the jaw pads as they are constructed from vinyl material.

Another favorable benefit of this helmet is the fact that it features a space in between your head and the shell of the helmet, which aids in ensuring that you have adequate room to breathe and move well. In addition, you will notice the guaranteed snug fit of the helmet.

Because of such snugness, I am pretty sure of the helmet’s ability to offer protection and support while ensuring that it stays secure and in place. I am happy to say that it is available in different sizes, so picking one that fits you well is not that hard. You can choose from its different colors, too.

There is one issue, though, and that is the fact that it does not include the faceguard so you might need to purchase it separately.
  • Increased surface coverage within the helmet
  • Offers utmost comfort regardless of how long you decide to play
  • Uses vinyl for the jaw pads, making it both durable and comfortable
  • Promotes a snug fit
  • Offers a high level of protection and support
  • The faceguard needs to be purchased separately

7. Schutt 798004 Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

You can also choose the Schutt 798004, which is actually an excellent choice for youth football players looking for a truly dependable helmet. It comes with several features that guarantee players of its ability to offer a high level of protection. With the TPU used in the football helmet, I am sure that the player stays comfortable when playing.

Another excellent benefit of the football helmet is that it can absorb impact with the help of its large shell. The shell is also solid and sturdy, thereby boosting its impact-absorption ability. I am also pleased that this helmet is suitable for use together with the brand’s faceguards, although you will have to buy one separately.

It is mainly because the faceguard can make the player receive more protection. The fact that this specific football helmet utilizes both D30 and TPU padding is also a big advantage as it means that it can provide maximum protection to its wearer.

I can also say that it is totally comfortable and provides the right fit with the aid of its SUREFIT airliner. Such liner also offers an assurance that the player will enjoy a soft and pillow-like feel. Aside from that, this football helmet boasts of its inclusion of a patented twist release system as well as a soft cup chin strap designed for the youth.

Just like some of the products in this review article, one possible drawback of this helmet is the fact that it does not have a faceguard, so you have to buy it separately.
  • Offers a high level of protection
  • Comes with a large and sturdy shell designed to absorb impact
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Equipped with a SUREFIT airliner designed to offer a pillow-like and soft feel
  • Comes with a soft cup chin strap
  • The faceguard not included in the purchase of the helmet

8. Schutt Vengeance DCT Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

The Vengeance DCT Hybrid youth football helmet is also one of those products that I think genuinely deserves a spot on our list. One nice feature of this football helmet is its dual-compression TPU. In my opinion, this feature is what makes the football helmet withstand both high and low impact, offering protection to players from injuries.

I am also pleased with the twist-release system integrated into the helmet. Such feature promotes ease when it comes to putting on and removing the football helmet. I also like the cushion used in this football helmet. It cradles the head of the player with air, thereby promoting a perfect fit and firm stability for the wearer.

This football helmet also promotes a perfect fit – thanks to its comfortable airliner. You just need to inflate the liner so it will fit perfectly. I can also say that it is one of the safest football helmets you can find today as it is equipped with a soft cup and jaw pads.

Both these features are helpful in ensuring that the helmet stays in place when there is an impact. You can also expect it to have proper airflow features, providing enough ventilation. With such features, it is possible for the helmet to keep the wearer stay cool when playing.

However, it is not also equipped with a facemask as you will have to buy this separately.
  • Can withstand both low and high impact
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Promotes a perfect fit as well as a firm stability
  • Comes with a comfortable airliner
  • Ensures that the wearer stays cool all throughout the game
  • Not equipped with a facemask

9. Schutt FB Vengeance A3 Plus Youth Football Helmet

You can also pick the FB Vengeance A3 Plus youth football helmet from Schutt. I am pleased to say it makes use of TPU – single and double layers – making it as durable as possible. I find its sleek shell beneficial, too. Such shell takes pride in its low profile while being lighter in comparison to the original shell used in the Schutt Vengeance.

What is good about the reduced weight of the helmet is that it makes it easy to manage, especially once you already reach the football field. Since it is lightweight, moving around and performing better on the field is much easier. The helmet also tends to stay in place with the help of the black interlink jaw pads that are attached mechanically.

Another notable benefit of this football helmet is its nice fit. In my opinion, it is mainly because of the SUREFIT airliners that you can find at the sides and back and the crown. The interlink jaw pads mentioned earlier also contributes to the proper fit of the youth football helmet.

It is a comfortable piece of helmet that can also prevent the possibility of experiencing neck strain. Furthermore, it comes equipped with necessary features, like the rear and nose bumper and the twist release bumper. Available in various colors, you also have the chance of picking one, which suits the team jersey of the wearer.

However, the padding integrated into the helmet is considered to be not that durable, which is the product’s major drawback.
  • Comes with a sleek and durable shell
  • Low profile while also being lightweight, promoting ease in managing it
  • Equipped with interlink jaw pads for proper fit
  • Can minimize the risk of neck strain
  • Various colors available
  • Not that durable padding

10. Schutt AiR XP Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

The last product I want to recommend is the AiR XP hybrid youth football helmet from Schutt. It is an ideal choice if what you are in search of is a small helmet capable of fitting you perfectly while providing the highest level of protection. It has a small size, which, I think, makes it truly appropriate for youth football players.

One thing that I genuinely like about this football helmet is its high-quality chin straps. The chin straps are extremely useful as these work in securing the helmet, thereby preventing it from getting knocked off or falling down. Rest assured that it is designed to be lightweight, too.

The fact that it is lightweight is truly beneficial as it means that football players will not be slowed down while they are performing or playing on the field. The inner cushioning integrated into the football helmet also works in providing protection consistently over various kinds of temperature.

This helmet also has proper ventilation – thanks to the built-in SUREFIT liner. It also plays a major role in making the youth football helmet lightweight. It is also effective in ensuring that your helmet fits well while retaining adequate airflow so rest assured that you will stay cool and dray when playing.

However, the fact that it is for the youth means that it comes at a small size so it will not fit adult players.
  • Provides the perfect fit and a high level of protection
  • Equipped with high-quality chin straps
  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Boasts of its proper ventilation
  • Can retain adequate airflow
  • Not suitable for adult players

What to Look For When Buying a Youth Football Helmet


Your search for top rated youth football helmet should not be done in a careless and rushed manner. Note that your protection is at stake here, so you need a really high-quality one. To ensure that you pick such kind of high-quality helmet, make it a point to consider these factors during the selection process:

The durability of the outer shell

One of the things you need to examine in your search for a high-quality youth football helmet is its outer shell and its level of durability. Remember that hits associated with football are extremely aggressive.

Also, the game can cause you to experience head-to-head collisions, especially if the force and impact are too excessive. With a hard and durable outer shell, it is possible to lessen the impact while allowing you to stand up again and continue playing even if there is a collision.

The majority of helmets also tend to have youth football helmet ratings based on the constantly changing standard safety measures. Make sure that you are updated with such standards so you will know which of the youth football helmets you are thinking of buying has a durable and safe outer shell.

Ability to handle its intended purpose

Ensure that the helmet is also capable of handling the specific task that it is specifically designed for. In this case, it would be best to look for the NOCSAE seal in the helmet prior to buying. This seal serves as the acceptable standard for both youth and professional football helmets.

You can usually find this seal at the helmet’s back. Note that no matter how expensive a football helmet is, there is still a chance that it can’t perform its function well if it does not have the NOCSAE seal.

Size and fit

Another important consideration is the size of the football helmet. In this case, you can always seek the help of your trainer to guide you in selecting the perfect size of helmet for you. It is also advisable to consult the available sizing chart offering instructions on finding the right size and fit.

It should fit perfectly. One way to get the right fit is to ensure that you try the helmet on after assessing the measurements. You will instantly know that you are getting the perfect fit if you feel that it is tight but comfortable when you are wearing it.

Applying hand pressure on top of the football helmet should also make you feel like the pressure is evenly distributed. Also, ensure that you buy the product from the youth helmet corner so you won’t end up getting an incorrect fit. Note that adult helmets are often too heavy. These might also put the youth wearer at risk.


Check the comfort level provided by the football helmet, too. Note that some of them have padding that needs to be inflated to offer the highest level of protection. In case you wish to choose such helmet, ensure that you spend time checking the cushioning thoroughly when you fit it.

When checking the cushion, make it a point to customize it based on your head’s density and shape. Check the pressure of the helmet regularly as this is the key to finding out whether the padding is not yet flat that might put the safety of the youth wearer at risk.


You will also realize how important the weight is in a football helmet, especially once you know that it plays a major part on the comfort level you will experience as well as the fit. Avoid heavy helmets because they are strenuous to carry. They also have the tendency of adding to fatigue.

Go for lightweight ones as much as possible because they are more secure while also ensuring that they won’t affect your performance in the field. Lightweight helmets also mean that there is minimal fatigue felt when you are wearing them.

Inner padding

Examine the comfort level of the inner padding used in the helmet, too. Note that aside from offering protection, it should also be comfortable. Ensure that it is abrasion-resistant as it contributes a lot while you are on the field.

Having a convenient and comfy soft cushion lets you play with freedom while enjoying less frequent adjustments.


The visor is a vital element that should be present when buying a football helmet. It is necessary because it provides a new element of protection into the football helmet. With the aid of the visor, your eyes will be fully protected. It is also helpful in letting you play freely without worrying about harming or damaging your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do you decide which size to order?

To get the right size of youth football helmet, it is advisable to seek the opinion of your coach or trainer. You can also take your size by wrapping a flexible measuring tape around your head. The tape measure should be wrapped around an inch over your eyebrows. This is helpful in identifying the circumference of your head.

Use the measurement that you have taken when checking the size chart of your chosen football helmet manufacturer. Choose the right helmet depending on your measurement. It is also advisable to insert an air pump into the helmet’s hole then fill up the pads with air.

Does the football helmet come with the facemask and chinstrap?

That would be dependent on your chosen brand and manufacturer. Some football helmets already come with the facemask and chinstrap, offering convenience to the buyer. In some cases, you will also notice that your order already features the helmet hardware and fit pads aside from the chin strap and face mask.

What kind of padding is used on the youth football helmet’s interiors?

In most cases, the youth football helmet’s interiors make use of an expanded polypropylene foam for its interiors. This serves as the largest part of the padding, which covers almost the whole interior surface of the youth football helmet. The main goal of adding this padding is to offer general protection while absorbing impact.

This protective layer also comes with extra protection, which is positioned strategically at certain points that tend to receive hard impact. To guarantee that the extra padding stays in place, you can remove the polypropylene layer as a means of providing a socket for the extra padding to sit on – all that is possible without hampering your comfort.

Can you pump air into the helmet?

Yes, you are allowed to pump air into the helmet, especially if the football helmet design features inflatable pads or liners placed at strategic locations in the interiors. Depending on what model you have chosen, it is also possible for you to pump air to up to 5 valves or location as a means of getting a more customized fit.

Pumping air into the football helmet is also helpful in ensuring that your head does not move and stay out of place of the helmet. With a properly pumped helmet, you have an assurance that it will fit properly. It can also significantly reduce the force of impact, which might result in serious neck and head injuries.

Can adults wear youth football helmets?

Yes, as long as it has markings for the appropriate safety standards while fitting the wearer’s head perfectly, it is possible for an adult to wear a youth football helmet. Just make sure that it fits you perfectly and is fully secure on your head.

For an even higher level of protection, though, it would be best to go for adult helmets to make it compatible for the user.


While the best youth football helmet usually comes at a higher price, you will instantly feel its worth once you notice that it has features capable of offering protection to the user. Go for a really safe and high-quality youth football helmet to keep yourself safe even when playing a high-impact sport, like football.

Best Youth Football Helmets 2019 – An Important Protective Gear
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